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Welcome to the UNO Film 

Internship Program

Recent Job Posts and other Opportunities 

The Film and Theatre Internship program provides on-the-job experience for qualified students, who earn credit hours towards a degree. It's a win-win, both for students, who progress towards graduation while filling their resumes, and for the organizations that accept them, who get energetic,  youthful assistance (from students who have the requisite training and skill sets), as well as the opportunity to prepare their future workforce.

UNO students have interned with a wide range of organizations, working on feature films, television series, local television & radio stations, film & theatre production support companies, non-profits, documentaries, PR companies and many others. These internships have frequently resulted in employment opportunities upon graduation.

Internship Options
  • Advertising

  • Film Production

  • Film Promotion

  • Film Post Production

  • Multi Media

  • Music Promotion

  • Museum Promotion

  • NonProfit

  • Public Relations

  • Radio

  • Radio Promotion

  • Television News

  • Television Production

  • Theatre Production

  • Theatre Promotion

  • Web Media

November 1, 2019

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